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3 Reasons to Backup Office 365

3 Reasons to Backup Office 365

3 Reasons to Backup Office 365

Microsoft 365 — still better known by its former name, Office 365 — is an excellent productivity solution for small and medium-sized businesses for many reasons. Beyond its versatility and ease of use, many businesses choose Microsoft 365 precisely because it offers advanced security features.

Your valuable data will, Microsoft says, be safeguarded from cyber attacks. Why would you need to back your data up locally? There is, in fact, no good reason not to backup Office 365 — and plenty to take this important step. Here’s a look at three reasons you may not have considered.

1. Supply Chain Attacks Lead to Data Loss

Malicious actors track down vulnerable and unprotected, code, infrastructure, networks, and practices in a supply chain attack. Once they find a suitable vector, they get to work on injecting their own malicious code into the product — and skilled hackers do so in a way that is likely to go unnoticed for at least some time.

Microsoft Office 365, and Azure cloud services are, with more than 250 million active users all over the globe, a rather obvious target. According to a 2021 Vectra survey, around 10 percent of machines are especially vulnerable, and over 70 percent of companies have suffered at least some account takeovers.

Once a supply chain attack is successful, data breaches and financial losses are among the most devastating consequences. Some of these losses can be prevented by maintaining clean and sandboxed Microsoft 365 backups.

2. Global System Attacks Initiated by State Actors

Foreign nation-state actors may not have any ambition of taking down your business’ Microsoft 365 systems and may, depending on the nature of your venture, have little interest in your data. State-sponsored hackers do, on the other hand, very much have their sights set on Microsoft itself — and that includes Microsoft 365.

In an increasingly unstable world marked by global tensions fought out on a brave new virtual front, hackers sponsored by nation-states could down Office 365 services at any time. Such attacks are unlikely to last very long, but when Office 365 returns, your data may be gone. Unless, of course, you make regular Office 365 backups.

Do you not want to go down that particular frightening — though not unrealistic — rabbit hole? Keep in mind that something altogether less malicious could have similarly devastating consequences: power outages. Big ones already affected European Microsoft 365 users in September and October of 2020, and it could happen again.

3. Internal Attacks Could Devastate Your System

Cyber attacks are increasing in frequency as well as sophistication, and every company should, regardless of its size, be aware of the threat of ransomware attacks and other cyber threats. The most successful attacks are, however, those carried out from the inside. It only takes one tech-savvy but disgruntled worker to do serious damage to your data from within. Unless you have Office 365 backed up locally and securely, frightening amounts of data could be lost forever as a result of an internal attack.

Microsoft 365 backups represent a fail-safe every company should put in place, for these reasons and countless others. To learn more, schedule a free discovery call with our team and we can walk you through it.

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