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Account Manager

Your Account Manager

Your account manager is your business advocate. They offer insights, plan your IT strategy, and engage with your unique business needs.

Customise Your Review Schedule
We choose quarterly face-to-face discussions, and we make sure every review is worthwhile.

Meaningful Reviews, Not Sales Talks
We skip the sales pitches. Our reviews focus on your current challenges and goals.

Stay Informed and Ready
We keep you informed about necessary updates or replacements, inform you about changes in the IT world that might affect you, and explain everything clearly. We are committed to exceptional customer service.

Maintain a Forward-Looking IT Roadmap
We maintain a clear IT Roadmap for you. It shows where you are and where you’re going.

Understand the Risks, Protect Your Business
Security is critical in IT. We recommend safety measures and make sure you understand the risks involved.

Regular, Proactive Communication
Your Account Manager will contact you regularly. Expect proactive check-ins, updates, and prompt responses.

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From Humble Beginnings to IT Expert, Hear From One of Our Account Managers

Bill’s Account Manager’s journey in the IT world began in 2008, starting as an unpaid IT Assistant. This role marked the first step on a path filled with learning and growth. He soon moved into a paid position as an IT Technician, focusing on technology support within the logistics and warehousing industry. Over eight years, he developed a knack for solving technical problems and ensuring everything tech-related ran smoothly.

In 2016, he advanced his career by joining a Managed Services Provider (MSP), where he tackled more complex IT challenges and managed significant projects. Here, he also worked directly at client locations, providing the tech support businesses needed right where they worked.

By 2020, his experience and leadership skills led him to manage an entire IT services company, overseeing its operations and guiding it through three years of success.

A Wealth of Experience Across Industries

Throughout his career, Bill has worked with a variety of businesses, from shops and restaurants to accounting firms and large retail chains. This experience has given him a broad perspective on how different industries use technology and what they need from it.

Your Go-To Expert for Stress-Free IT

Now, as an Account Manager at Better-IT, he uses his extensive background to help your business avoid IT headaches. He understands the importance of technology that just works—whether you’re keeping track of inventory, managing reservations, or ensuring your financial data is secure. He’s here to listen to your concerns, plan for your technology needs, and ensure you have the right support every step of the way.

Step-by-Step through the TBR Process

Your account manager plays a crucial role in ensuring your IT services align perfectly with your business goals. Let’s take a closer look at how this process works, using a typical Technology Business Review (TBR) as an example.

  1. Collaborative Planning
    Our account managers begins the TBR process by meeting with key figures in your company, such as the Project Manager. This meeting is crucial for understanding where your business is heading and how IT can support these goals.
  2. Data-Driven Insights
    Next, they collaborate with the service desk team to extract valuable data from our customer relationship management (CRM) system. This includes a detailed look at your service tickets to identify common issues, understand resolution times, and assess overall satisfaction.
  3. Strategic Recommendations
    Using this data, your designated account manager helps pinpoint opportunities for improving IT support and enhancing your team’s productivity. They focus on resolving recurring issues and optimising the support process based on how your staff perceive our service—gauged through Simple Satisfaction scores and direct feedback.
  4. Tailored IT Roadmap
    With insights and feedback in hand, your account manager works with you to update your IT Roadmap. This roadmap is a strategic guide designed to ensure your IT infrastructure not only meets current needs but is also poised to support future growth and changes.
  5. Your Partner in IT Management
    By guiding you through the TBR process, your account manager acts as a bridge between your business needs and our IT services. The goal is to make IT management straightforward, proactive, and closely aligned with your strategic objectives.
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