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Managed IT Support

Are You Paying Enough For Your Managed IT Support?

At this time of year, business owners and managers like us look ahead to the start of another year. Who knows what 2022 has in store?

Do you have big targets and goals for the year? Are you now reviewing your budgets for 2022?

It’s reported that 56% of businesses plan to increase their Managed IT Support and technology spend next year, primarily due to the flexible working changes encouraged by the pandemic.

But while you’ve probably wondered at least once “what exactly are we paying for?”, it’s unlikely you’ve ever considered whether you’re paying enough for your IT and technology support.

In the world of technology, there’s a definite link between what you pay, and the quality of service you receive. Picking an IT provider on price alone is a false economy. If you’re paying too little, you’re running one of four big risks.

Learn more in our new educational guide below. You can download a copy to save for later or share with a colleague here.


Risks of Choosing IT by Price
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