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Back up data

Back Up Data and Save Your Business

Back Up Data and Save Your Business

It’s Friday evening, you’ve shut up the office, and you’re all done for the weekend. Time to head home.

As you’re eating your pasta, the phone rings. And it’s the call no business owner wants to get.

When you arrive back at the office, firefighters are hosing down the last of the flames, and you’re dialling your insurers. It’s not a disaster, but your server room is toast.

With a few days of clean-up, some new kit and an air freshener and all will be shipshape again, ready to restore everything from your backup.

You are all backed up… Right? Fire, theft, accidental file deletion or disgruntled employees… there are lots of reasons why you might need to rely on your backup system.

Read our latest guide for help on how to back up data and save your business.

Data Backup
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