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Network Connection Solution

The Story

AAA Logistics Limited was incorporated in 2005 and is a family-run haulage company. Based in a rural location at Kibworth Harcourt Leicester, they are a Crossrail and CLOCS-compliant company who have worked hard to achieve Silver Accreditation.

What was required

With a slow internet connection, phone lines dipping in and out, and multiple unsuccessful BT visits, AAA Logistics were desperate for a solution that worked. Unfortunately, a team with consistent phone problems, cutting out on customers, and non-existent internet was a team that was struggling, which in turn had a negative effect on their clients. In addition, this team was working at such a slow pace and needed a solution fast.

Better-IT Solution

Better-IT went in with the job to increase their internet speed and fix the phone system allowing them to work efficiently and effectively. Two 4G connections to mobile networks were linked together, increasing internet speed by 300 times and allowing the phone lines to run smoothly. This simple but effective solution brought AAA back to modern times, allowing them to improve their productivity substantially.


The changes made by Better-IT have improved the environment considerably. As a result, AAA Logistics are working together as a team, both proactively and productively. Previous frustration is no longer present, and customers can now rely on a phone conversation that doesn’t cut out.

In addition, there has been a noticeable increase In productivity due to upgraded internet speeds, and clients are reaping the benefits. Staff morale improved instantly with the internet beyond the expected speed and phone lines reliable for the first time. The team can move forward thanks to Better-IT’s adjustments and work together in a relaxed, secure, and high-speed environment.

Jo Wood, Director at AAA Logistics, commented, “After all these years with bad internet, this new connection has changed how we can work. We’re delighted with what it’s done for our business.

We are based in a rural location, and the internet speed was terrible. Trying to run a business was a nightmare. What internet we had kept dropping off, causing major problems with our computers and telephone systems. Better- IT came up with a solution. They arranged for us to have 2 x 4G routers with EE SIM Cards, together with an SD-One solution box which bonds both the 4G routers together which, gives you high speeds & resilience. It is amazing now. I can’t thank Better-IT enough. The whole team is amazing. “




AAA Logistics


Aug 2022


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