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The Effortless Onboarding Process of Switching IT Companies.


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Switching IT (Information Technology) companies can be a daunting process for any business, as it involves transferring crucial data and services from one provider to another. However, it does not have to be a nightmare. In this case study, we will discuss a recent onboarding project for a company that switched to us, and how we were able to make the transition seamless, with no downtime.


Based in Leicestershire, CBA is an Insolvency and  Business Restructuring Firm assisting SMEs nationwide with business turnaround advice and licenced insolvency processes.


Our team started by conducting a thorough assessment of CBA’s existing IT infrastructure, hardware, and software, as well as identifying any potential challenges that may arise during the transition. We then developed a comprehensive plan to ensure a seamless onboarding process. We realise that changing IT companies can seem like challenging work, but we wanted to show just how easy the process can be.

We had a 36-point new client checklist that we worked through to ensure we did not miss anything, and the client was kept informed at every step to ensure full disclosure of the transition.

One of the key aspects of our plan was to assign a dedicated technician to be on-site during the first day of service. This allowed us to quickly address any issues if they arose and ensure that the transition was trouble-free. The technician was also available to answer any questions that employees had about the process and provide training where necessary.

To ensure a seamless transition, we made sure to test all systems and services before the switch. We migrated all data and applications over to the new system with no downtime allowing CBA to continue operating. We worked closely with staff to ensure that they were comfortable with the new system and had access to all necessary resources. After installing all the necessary security for a business with sensitive data, CBA were onboard.


Thanks to our detailed planning and execution, the onboarding process went smoothly, with no downtime or key issues. All employees were able to continue their work uninterrupted, and the new IT system was up and running without any hiccups.

Our on-site technician proved to be an invaluable resource, providing hands-on assistance, and answering questions from employees. This helped to ensure that everyone was comfortable with the new system and could continue working productively.

CBA are now switched over from their previous IT company and are extremely happy with how easy the entire process was.




CBA Insolvency and Business Restructuring Firm


Jan 2023


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