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M3 Financial Solutions LTD

A Seamless Switch to Cloud Computing and a Modern Workplace


When M3, a financial advisory firm, migrated to the Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace, it reaped the benefits of digital transformation. Challenges in how they worked were removed and they quickly increased their ability to work from anywhere, securely and efficiently.

Better-IT was instrumental in migrating M3 to Microsoft 365’s suite, upgrading their hardware and network, and training their team on the new system. Here’s how.


The Story

Founded in 2003, M3 Financial Solutions Limited based in Leicester provides their clients with support in just about every area of financial planning. As independent advisors, they offer truly impartial advice, exploring every avenue and finding the right solution for their clients’ individual needs.

The team of ten was using an old on-premises server to supply their IT services. This, along with the network and internet connection, was shared with another company.

Their IT was using old technology, the costs to maintain it were rising, their processes were inefficient and insecure, and they were restricted in how they could operate. Something had to change.

The company had one clear objective: to upgrade to a more modern and integrated way of working.

In consultation with Better-IT it was decided that M3 would move forward with utilising the Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace, new hardware and internet connectivity, and enhanced security. Here’s how.


Microsoft 365

The first solution was to move M3 to a full Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace. This strategic operational setup gave them access to the extensive Microsoft 365 software including Office Suite, Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and more.

They now have a cloud-based central repository for documents and a way of sharing them securely and with version and access controls, avoiding the need to email documents requiring collaboration whilst allowing them to access their documents from anywhere.


Hardware Upgrades

M3 upgraded all their outdated hardware to new laptops, docking stations and screens. Better-IT helped them identify what they needed and managed the acquisition and setup of the hardware.

The devices are fully managed using AutoPilot and Intune, meaning new devices (laptops, tablets, phones) can be preconfigured, reducing the effort and time required to switch devices and access business files.


New Internet Connection

Better-IT provided a new, super-fast FTTP (900Mb) resilient internet connection to access their cloud-based applications. In addition, they implemented a new advanced firewall, switching and wifi system to protect the business, staff, and clients.


Enhanced Security

A Multi-Layered Security Stack both for Microsoft 365 and End point (device) protection was implemented to ensure that each component has a backup to counter any flaws or gaps in their security.

Better-IT implemented Data Labelling to protect sensitive company data and documents using the Microsoft Information Protection solution. This let M3 classify and protect their data whilst ensuring their team can easily find and collaborate on their documents.

The M3 team participated in Security Awareness Training that taught them the importance of security, password management, and multi-factor authentication.

“The security training was surprisingly engaging and helped us understand there was much more that we could each be doing to protect our business.” said M3 Managing Director Matt Taylor.


Ongoing Support

In the past 16+ months of working together, Better-IT has provided a fast response for any tech supports needs they’ve run into.

“A member of my team received an email saying their IT Support Ticket had been closed. They hadn’t raised one. Turns out, Better-IT had found an issue, fixed it, and closed the ticket before we even noticed there was an problem,” says Taylor.


The Result

Better-IT helped to modernise and maximise the efficiency of M3’s business and gave them the ability to work from anywhere.  Better-IT recommended and provided the tools and tech that allows M3 to work safely whether they’re on-premises or not, without compromising security. This digital transformation has become essential throughout the pandemic.

The transfer to Better-IT was smooth, easy-going and comfortable. “David and his team have been a pleasure to work with. They’ve consistently shown us that they’re working with our best interests in mind. They’re on our side,” says Taylor.

M3 has had very few IT-related issues since adopting the Modern Workplace, and their internal communications and productivity have increased tenfold. They’re comfortable accessing their documents remotely, and no longer fear issues with versioning. Their layered security stack gives the leadership team confidence that every piece of their business is protected.

For other companies considering the move to Microsoft 365, Taylor recommends working with a proven Managed IT Services partner to ensure that the migration goes smoothly.

In his experience, the change can be made easily and without disruption if the IT partner offers a proactive approach. “You don’t know what you don’t know, so I relied on Better-IT’s technical advice, this turned out to be a great business decision”.


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M3 Financial Solutions Ltd.


Jan 2022


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