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Microsoft Modern Workplace

The Story 

Air Technology, based in Loughborough, is a leading provider of energy-saving solutions, troubleshooting and project work in compressed air, water, and inert gases. They have evolved a wide range of expert skills and services designed to meet the industry’s growing needs to conserve energy and increase reliability. Since starting in 1987, Air Technology has established itself as one of the UK’s leading independent providers. 

What was required 

Air Technology was looking for a solution to migrate from a hybrid physical server-Google Workspace (Gsuite) system to Microsoft 365, allowing them to operate within the Microsoft Modern Workplace environment. With an objective to upgrade to a modern way of working, Air Technology consulted with Better- IT to assist with a new flexible, current way of working.


Better-IT assisted the switch from Gsuite to Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace, allowing the client to work securely and effectively from anywhere. In addition, with the new modern workplace system implemented, access to Office Suite, One Drive, Teams, and SharePoint is now accessible to all.  

Additionally, all laptops are centrally managed by Microsoft 365 through Azure Active Directory (AAD), making all users more productive by providing a common identity for cloud and on-premises resources. Its built-in conditional access and security threat intelligence allows the team to be confident in its security.  

Air Technology’s emails were then migrated to Exchange online, allowing the team to access them from anywhere whilst enjoying shared calendar and mailbox features.  

Existing files, now migrated over to Teams, allowed all tools to be integrated into one place. In addition, with its seamless file search, backup and collaboration features, Teams is now used for more than just video calls.  

In addition, Better-IT offered training with each user, allowing them to understand the new setup in great detail. Finally, we finished by installing Mobile Device Management (MDM), which manages all mobile devices in one place.  


Better IT have provided Air Technology with a modern workplace. With Microsoft 365 allowing them to work from anywhere, on any device, securely, they now have substantial flexibility whilst reducing their carbon footprint in the interim.  

The staff have had in-depth training sessions to migrate efficiently and securely into their new working model. This smooth transition was easy to follow by all staff and was quickly adapted, needing minimal downtime. With all files accessible in one place, the team are working with a together attitude boasting a more efficient workplace.  

Ian Moore of Air Technology commented, “Better-IT migrated our physical server to Microsoft 365. They then set up Teams, One Drive, and SharePoint with relevant permissions and organised training sessions with each user and a great deal of admin training. All delivered by the friendly and very knowledgeable team – Thanks.” 




Air Technology


Aug 2022


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