We’re thrilled to partner with you to look after your IT!

We don’t like long and boring documents (who does?). But it is important that we get you set up correctly, so we have a smooth invoicing and on-boarding experience and ensure you have the right information to contact us in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

Please can you review and update any of the information below se we can get you set up on our systems correctly.

We can’t wait to start working with you!

    Step 1

    Before submitting this form, please download and complete the Primary and Employees Contact Details Form.
    Please keep it safe as you will need to upload it before the form can be submitted.

    Click here to download the form

    Step 2

    10. How many employees work for this company?

    Not including contractors and sub-contractors.


    Accounts Details

    Below is a list o contacts for getting in touch with Better-IT for anything to do with accounts.
    Please start with Steph in the Accounts Team.

    Steph Jones
    Accounts Manager

    0333 202 6365 option 3

    David Nicholls
    Managing Director

    0333 202 6365

    If there is anything extra you think we should know to help us operate in a speedy, safe and smooth manner, then please write it below.

    We appreciate your assistance in helping us get everything set up right first time.

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