Why should I have Cloud Back up as a minimum?

Smaller businesses may not be ready for implementation of a full back up and disaster recovery solution but Cloud Back Up is a great first step to ensure the protection of the one business asset which may just be the most critical to business continuity – your electronic information.

The incorporation of Cloud Back Up to your office system negates the need to pick or choose which data to save. Manual copying of work to a second location or main server -that laborious and often forgotten task – is no longer required, and instead the back up is handled efficiently, automatically and without the user even being aware.

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The Better IT solution

As well as ensuring that you always have a current copy of all of your data, our Cloud Back Up solution will ensure the integrity of the contents; testing automatically to check that it is in fact the most recent content which is saved and that it has not been corrupted in any way.

At Better IT we know that choice is important to our clients – and essential, to ensure that just the right package is applied to match a specific business’ needs.

Regardless of which of our levels of Cloud Back Up you choose, the features and benefits are those of a marketing-leading solution provider and include

  • High storage capacity – negating the need to purchase extra volume
  • High speed operation – incorporating direct data transfer and adjustable band-width consumption
  • Optimal compression – ensuring efficient storage
  • Password protection and encryption – for maximum security
  • Ransomware protection – guaranteeing the integrity of saved data
  • Scheduling and retention flexibility – to allow customisation of backups to specific requirements

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The Better IT multi-layered approach to cyber security

Here at Better IT HQ we never rest on our laurels when it comes to matters of data security. We understand that it is a rapidly-changing landscape and that ‘vectors of attack’ are increasing exponentially. Our multi-layered approach means that we are providing protection from every possible angle and staying ahead of our (and your) virtual adversaries.
Just some of the elements included within our comprehensive, full stack protection:

Advanced Cloud based Virus and Malware Protection
Firewalls and Intrusion Detection
Microsoft Office 365 and Google GSuite Filtering
DNS and Web Filtering
Business Password Security

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