Cloud Services

Cloud-based computing has been one of the real game-changers for SME’s when it comes to IT flexibility. The movement of computer resources from a local network to a cloud-based platform brings a whole variety of valuable advantages, including cost reduction, adaptability and scalability.

Our Cloud Services

  • Office 365
  • GSuite
  • Dropbox
  • Azure
  • Google Compute
  • Amazon AWS

Why Cloud Services?

The ability to access data from any location and on any type of device is, of course, of paramount importance in today’s working environment where colleagues can be continents, never mind counties, apart. The fact that collaboration can be achieved without the need to sacrifice cyber security is an even bigger win for those looking to share information within a trusted team whilst protecting it from uninvited, prying eyes.

The migration from local network to cloud is a process which requires careful management and, as you would expect from a professional provider, Better IT have extensive experience in assisting businesses to make this delicate move. Our aim (as with every one of our Integrated IT services) is to make the transition as seamless as possible for everyone involved, be they company owners or staff members and, of course, to protect the integrity of the data at every stage.

When managed well, the benefits of Cloud computing are considerable and at Better IT we want to ensure that our clients get all of the advantages with no limitations or risk. Our private Cloud solutions provide complete control within a dedicated, secure environment which can be customised to suit your specific business needs. We are there at every stage from initial consultation to on-going support, building exactly what you want and delivering total peace of mind.

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