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Microsoft 365

Introducing the Modern Workplace using Microsoft 365

A Modern Workplace is an operational setup that’s been professionally designed to meet the technological and physical needs of both your business and its employees.

This advanced setup streamlines operations and empowers employees. By enabling more seamless communication and collaboration amongst members of the business, employee productivity and satisfaction grows, without compromising on the security and integrity of systems and data.


The Microsoft Modern Workplace Includes

  • Office Suite
  • Exchange Online
  • OneDrive
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Planner
  • Power BI
  • Yammer
  • Business Voice
  • Power Automate

Why Choose Microsoft Modern Workplace?

Improved communication: employees communicate through a central channel, reducing internal email by as much as 70% whilst offering more visibility and control to the messages.

Integrated platforms: all the business operations are integrated allowing for automation within each other to decrease workload and risk of error.

Better visibility: stop working in team silos, or with data stored in disparate systems, and instead gain visibility into other areas of the business.

Hardware: laptops or tablets are used to enable secure remote working.

Security: cyber security management is in place to protect not just one piece, but all hardware and software on or connected to your network.


Powerful 365 Applications Enabling Better Productivity

Many of us are very familiar with Microsoft 365 and the various applications it contains which we use daily to construct documents, compile spreadsheets and read and send emails.

In the Modern Workplace, Microsoft 365 allows us to use these favourite functions with the added advantage of being able to access them regardless of where we are in relation to the office or colleagues.

Filesharing, messaging and data management functions are combined with collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams and Exchange Online – and everything can be accessed virtually anywhere.

To make the very most of the Modern Workplace and the benefits this premium setup can offer, Better IT can advise on the level and plan which is best suited to your current (and future) needs.

Conditional Access Policies for Greater Control

In today’s way of working, the security perimeter of a business extends beyond the internal network to include user and device identity. Businesses can utilise these identity signals as part of their access control decisions.

Conditional Access is the tool used in our Modern Workplace to enable identity-driven control. It will enable you to both empower users to be productive whenever and whenever by allowing access or protect the organisations access by denying access.

It is one more tool within the Modern Workplace that Better-IT can construct to ensure your business operates smoothly and securely, from anywhere.


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