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Complaints Procedure

Better-IT Ltd believes that all stakeholders should feel that their concerns or complaints can be voiced and will be considered seriously.

Better-IT requires that all concerns and complaints are to be dealt with as soon as possible. Usually, the best way to achieve this is through informal discussion but formal procedures are provided if this fails to resolve the issue.

Record Keeping

  • All documentation regarding complaints (including notes of any related meetings and telephone calls), the action taken, and the outcome will be recorded.
  • Records on complaints will be kept for 7 years from closure of complaint (including any appeal).
  • There shall be clear communication in writing throughout the handling of the complaint and a copy of all written communication should be retained.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the policy.

The Better-IT Senior Management Team will monitor complaints and review the outcomes and ensure that any underlying issues identified by complaints are addressed.

Senior Management will also monitor the operation of the procedures to ensure their effectiveness and will make changes where necessary.


Stage 1 – Informal discussions with members of the Company’s staff

  • Most concerns and potential complaints can best be resolved through informal discussion with the relevant member of staff. Therefore, any complaint or concern should be raised promptly with Paul Fletcher, IT Operations Manager.
  • If you are unhappy about speaking to Paul Fletcher you may make an appointment to discuss the complaint or concern with a David Nicholls, Managing Director.
  • All staff will make every effort to resolve your problem promptly at this informal stage.
  • Complaints made to anyone other than the Senior Management Team – for instance to an Account Manager – will be referred to the appropriate member of staff as above.

Stage 2 – Formal complaint to the Senior Management

  • If you are dissatisfied with the response at stage 1 then you may make a formal complaint. To do so, you must write to the Senior Management responsible and set out the details of the complaint. You can do so by letter or email (see contact details below).
  • The Senior Manager will investigate the complaint and respond in writing. This will normally be within 5 working days of your letter or email being received, but you will be informed if more time is needed to complete the investigation.
  • If your original complaint or concern was about an action by the Senior Manager then you should put your complaint in writing to the Managing Director using the procedure in stage 3, below.

Stage 3 – Formal complaint to Better-IT Managing Director

  • If you are not satisfied with the Senior Manager’s response, or if your complaint is about the Senior Manager, you may refer the matter to David Nicholls, Managing Director. To do so you should write to setting out the full details. David Nicholls will meet to hear the evidence and decide on any action required. This will normally be arranged within 5 working days of your complaint being received, depending on the availability of all concerned. You will be invited to speak, if you so wish and you may be accompanied by a colleague or representative. After the meeting you will be advised of the outcome in writing. This will normally be within 5 working days of the meeting.
  • For most complaints the decision of the Managing Director is final.
  • The procedures above should be able to deal with most problems relating to any complaint. If you are not happy with the responses provided by Better-IT we are always open to improving and welcome you to discuss ways you could improve our complaints procedure.

The Senior Management and the Managing Director can be contacted through the Company.

Write to:
Better-IT Ltd
3-3A Barrow Road,
LE12 7LW

Or Email

David Nicholls
Managing Director
Better IT Limited

Reporting Abuse
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