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Complaints Procedure

Most problems can be dealt with as a matter of coarse and through normal conversation.

However, in the unfortunate event that a customer should feel the need to make a formal complaint Better IT Limited has the following procedure;

If there is any claim arising from our obligations under the guarantee, then any such claim should be emailed to or a letter sent to:
Better IT Limited, 3-3a Barrow Road, Sileby, LE12 7LW

Alternatively, telephone the company on 0333 202 6365 followed up by email or letter.

The company will commit to responding to any such written request within 5 working days of receipt.

The company will commit to any verbal request within 3 working days.

David Nicholls
Managing Director
Better IT Limited

Reporting Abuse
Better IT takes internet safety seriously.

All abuse from domains registered through, or sites hosted by Better IT should be reported to us at

For more details, please visit our Abuse Process page.

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