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We may be IT professionals with many years of experience in providing solutions for clients, but we have never forgotten that setting up or even upgrading IT or telecoms in a business of any size can be a relatively daunting prospect.

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  • Independent and objective view
  • Years of wide-ranging experience with SME's
  • A holistic view of IT and your business
  • Align IT strategic plan with your business goals
  • Clear, simple and plain-English language

Better IT Consultancy Services - Proactive, Integrated & Complete.

There are choices to be made on many levels; technology type, storage capacity, access requirements… the list is extensive, and the decision-making process can be exhausting. The real risk is that a business can either end up with a system which doesn’t actually meet their needs – or worse still, end up doing nothing at all because the choice was just too overwhelming.

When an individual or business decides that it is time to ‘do something with their IT ‘, this is usually as a result of the existing system no longer being fit for purpose or perhaps even, through poor service, being far too frustrating or inefficient and basically not helping at all. Having reached this point, the key is to have the matter resolved quickly and have everyone within the operation back to working at their full capacity, uninterrupted and with the reassurance that their data is safe and documents secure.

With so many individual decisions to be made -and of course technology advancing at an incredibly fast pace – we understand that most business owners and IT managers need a helping hand. More importantly we believe that the assistance given should be impartial and independent from any one brand or stable of products. That’s where the Better IT Consultancy service comes into its own.

Regardless of whether it’s a single system upgrade or an entire operational rebuild, the Better IT Consultancy service will identify the options available and the relative costs and advantages of each. Our ultimate aim is to give you a system which not only functions as you need it to, but also offers you the highest level of business resilience and data security. We also take the time to get to know what’s happening in your business to ensure that anything we recommend will be as future-proof as possible and will therefore avoid any unexpected extra costs in the short to medium term.

The cost of our Consultancy is minimal, the results are invaluable. Having the most suitable, cost-effective system (and being able to get on with fast deployment), is more likely to result in cost savings than additional spend!

Get in touch today and let us take the stress and risk out of your IT and Telecoms plans.

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