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Cyber Security

Cyber Security Over the Shopping Season.

Keep your company devices protected from Cyber Security Threats over the shopping season.

November and December are the most active times of year for many when it comes to online shopping. As a result, the temptation to use a company device to buy last-minute gifts is commonplace.

With the increased risk of online cyber security threats, data loss, and malware infections, here are three essential tips to help your business stay protected.

Content filtering

Many modern business-grade firewalls now include content filtering as an option within their license structure. Content filtering can help protect all your users in the office against downloading or visiting websites that may pose a risk.

The main benefit of a content filtering firewall is that it acts as protection no matter what web browser or device might be used in the office to access a suspect site.

Blocklists are updated in real-time, so the firewall blocks new websites that may pose a risk as they are reported across the internet.

There is one drawback to firewall-based filters, and that’s the fact they only work in the office. If you have a hybrid or remote workforce and they’re not using a VPN, you may have to plan for device-based software filtering that protects user devices no matter where they are located and what network they are connected to.


If your business has recently gone through any cyber security accreditation, more than likely, one of the recommendations is to start using application whitelisting.

Microsoft Windows now has a security feature that allows IT providers to restrict what applications can be installed on a business device. This is particularly useful in helping protect against unauthorised software installations, a typical security vector malware used to infect a user’s machine.

Applocker does have some considerations, including limiting the ability of power users to install software as soon as they need it. In addition, a request usually has to be logged with the IT helpdesk for assistance in allowing the application to be installed on the user’s device. Therefore, it can be seen as a minor irritation. However, Applocker is one of the best ways to help protect against malware.


What we’ve discussed so far in this article are technology solutions to protect your users against cyber risks; however, the most effective risk reduction actions you can take in your business are educating your staff about the risks posed and how to spot phishing emails, suspicious websites and cyber security risks.

If you are not actively raising your staff’s awareness of Cyber Security and the latest threats, we suggest you take action with an IT provider such as ourselves as soon as possible. We’ll help deploy bespoke technology solutions and educate your staff on how best to stay protected. So get in touch with us today.

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