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Cyber Security

Cyber Security Is Baked Into All Our IT Services

You can’t afford to work with an IT partner who doesn’t consider security a high priority.

With our full-spectrum cyber security systems we strengthen your business against cyberattacks, limit the damage from those attacks if they occur, and make your systems, and business, survivable.


Robust Multi-Layered Cyber Security

With cyber attacks coming in different forms and from varying sources, relying on a single protection method like outdated Anti-Virus software is no longer an option. Our multi-layered cyber security measures monitor and close off numerous avenues of attack.

Establish Your Perimeter and Policies

Cyber security threats can come from both inside and outside your security perimeter. We will reduce the attack surface and tie up weak or vulnerable elements within your IT.

Policies are as important as products; our senior technical advisors will help you put security policies in place and award-winning training to protect your business and ensure you protect – and are protected from – your supply chain.

Advanced Security

Act in Anticipation of a Cyber Attack

Rather than passively waiting for an attack, we take a proactive and offensive approach to your cyber security. Testing and validating security from the viewpoint of an attacker will ensure that your business has adequate protections in place.

Enable Integrated IT Systems

Better-IT’s advanced engineering will ensure that all products, systems, solutions, and processes integrate and complement each other.

This integration is what creates a fully protected and highly secure IT system for your business and its people and allows us to centrally monitor and remediate issues 24/7.


A Reading-based estate agency was comfortable with their inherited IT solutions; everything was working, so there was little reason for them to invest in anything new at this time. But when they suffered a ransomware attack that encrypted their company data and left them unable to operate, they learned the importance of IT systems.

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