Better IT Virus and Malware protection is industry-leading. Always 100% up-to-date, our advanced, cloud based anti-virus solution has the ability to roll any device back to the point before infection struck. As part of our multi-layer approach this protection takes your endpoint security to another level.

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Your business needs to use time effectively, with minimal down-time. We provide a fast response, with no long-term contract commitment and if we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you. Simple, straight forward IT services.

Every type and size of business is a target

These days viruses and malware come from a wide variety of sources and it is no longer enough to simply be vigilant about internet downloads. Infection vectors include emails, compromised websites and even home PC’s. It’s also now not only a problem for the Windows PC; Macs, tablets and even mobile phones are being hacked with increasing regularity.

Industry Facts and Figures:

  • Globally, cybercrime was the 2nd most reported crime in 2016. (Source: PCW)
  • In proportion to the total number of crimes, cybercrime now accounts for more than 50% of all crimes in the UK. (Source: National Crime Agency)
  • In their 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report, Cisco found that globally, 8 percent of malicious email attachments were docm files (a type of Microsoft Word XML file that executes macros). (Source: Cisco)
  • 18 million new malware samples were captured in In Q3 2016. (Source: Panda Security)
  • At 91.6 percent, “Theft of Data” continues to be the chief cause of data breaches in 2016 counting total by identities stolen. “Phishing, Spoofing, and Social Engineering” were a distant second at 6.4 percent. (Source: Symantec)

The Better IT multi-layered approach to cyber security

Here at Better IT HQ we never rest on our laurels when it comes to matters of data security. We understand that it is a rapidly-changing landscape and that ‘vectors of attack’ are increasing exponentially. Our multi-layered approach means that we are providing protection from every possible angle and staying ahead of our (and your) virtual adversaries.

Just some of the elements included within our comprehensive, full stack protection:

Advanced Cloud based Virus and Malware Protection

Firewalls and Intrusion Detection

Microsoft Office 365 and Google GSuite Filtering

DNS and Web Filtering

Business Password Security

Better IT – your dedicated security partner

We have been providing state-of-the-art security solutions for over 15 years now, honing our skills and constantly evolving the protection we utilise. This experience means that we have faced (and resolved) just about every security nightmare imaginable and consequently we are now very clear on effectiveness – i.e. what works and what doesn’t work!