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Cyber Security Services

IT security can be expensive, but a breach can be far more costly.

A breach can not only have financial costs but can significantly damage your reputation with both clients and suppliers.

The suite of products, systems and solutions that we work with have been hand-picked by our team after decades of experience in security systems. Here are just a few within our arsenal.


Layered Network Security

This type of security is necessary to prevent an unauthorised user from getting inside your network. It’s become increasingly challenging in today’s cloud-based way of working from multiple devices and locations. But with our help we’ll reduce your attack surface by implementing Next-Generation security tools.

Layered Endpoint Security

Individual devices including tablets, laptops and even personal mobile phones need to be protected against malicious attacks that may be a threat to your network and data. We offer advanced device protection and central management as well as total control over what software/applications can run, and what resources they can access.


Layered Email Security

Our multi-layered Email security stack includes AI based mailbox protection, spam, virus and ransomware protection. The systems can automatically take action to remediate any issues.

The quarantine features provide a separate, secured environment to analyze inbound emails and determine whether the message should be blocked.

Built-in end-to-end email encryption allows you to communicate security with any email address.

Breach Detection Service and Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Our breach detection service hunts for the unaddressed techniques hackers use to maintain access to their victims. The Security Operations Centre’s monitor in real-time, 24/7 for any active security threats.

These services provide our clients with the same attention as a dedicated security analyst at a fraction of the cost.


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