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Cyber Security Training

Your staff are the first line of defense against cyberattacks

We build you a modern security stack… and it all starts with the human. We enable your employees to make smarter security decisions every day.

We’re excited to partner with the East Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre, offering our clients exclusive one-hour cyber security training to bolster their digital defences.

This valuable session is a key step in empowering your team against the evolving cyber threats in today’s digital landscape.


Platform for Awareness Training and Testing

awareness training

    • Reduced malware and ransomware infections
    • Reduced data loss
    • Reduced potential cyber-theft
    • Increased user productivity
    • Users have security top of mind

IT Training For Your Staff

The fastest way to increase your business’s productivity is to equip your staff with the skills they need to use your IT systems.

It’s not just about how to use the applications your business needs to run smoothly. But also the importance of security, password management and multi-factor authentication.

The training that Better-IT / East Midlands Cyber Resilience Centre offers will help your staff be comfortable and confident with the IT systems you’ve put in place. In turn, it’ll make your business run better.


Get Fully Managed IT Support For Your Business

Book a call with one of our senior technical advisors and we will help you understand:

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The reasons businesses owners and managers like you switch IT providers

How to protect your client data, business systems, important assets

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