Cloud data has been pivotal in the success of companies and individuals accessing and working on projects even whilst working remotely and Office 365 in particular offers huge advantages to any business where employees collaborate and share information and documents.

Be better connected with Better IT

Your business needs to use time effectively, with minimal down-time. We provide a fast response, with no long-term contract commitment and if we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you. Simple, straight forward IT services.

Collaborating with confidence

Collaboration can however sometimes come with its own set of problems as essential information can more easily be overwritten, accidentally deleted or even lost with the expiry of inactive licenses.

Our Office 365 Protection eliminates the risk and frustration associated with losing valuable files by allowing access to saved multiple snapshots in a document’s history. This means that original versions prior to overwrite can be retrieved, accidentally deleted files can be saved and any information which would otherwise disappear as licenses of previous employees expire can still be accessed. And, of course, the threat of ransomware is significantly diminished since data prior to attack can be restored with minimal disruption- or even the need to lose valuable time in contacting Microsoft support.

As your solutions provider we offer this high level of protection seamlessly and with no disruption to your day-to-day activities, but we also offer real visibility in reporting back the details of unsuccessful breach attempts to highlight where, if anywhere, further, pre-emptive action could be taken.

The Better IT multi-layered approach to cyber security and IT confidence

Here at Better IT HQ we never rest on our laurels when it comes to matters of data security. We understand that it is a rapidly-changing landscape and that ‘vectors of attack’ are increasing exponentially. Our multi-layered approach means that we are providing protection from every possible angle and staying ahead of our (and your) virtual adversaries.

Our Office 365 Protection is an important part of this approach, with just some of the confidence-enhancing features highlighted below:

  • Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Calendar and Contacts are automatically backed up 3 times per day
  • Data encryption in force both at when static and whilst on the move
  • Restored files can be sent directly to user’s account or downloaded to desktop
  • Includes data controls and monitoring tools, such as audit logs, uptime and availability SLAs, and export capabilities
  • Supports HIPAA and GDPR compliance needs

Better IT – your dedicated security partner

We have been providing state-of-the-art security solutions for over 15 years now, honing our skills and constantly evolving the protection we utilise.

This experience means that we have faced (and resolved) just about every security nightmare imaginable and consequently we are now very clear on effectiveness – i.e. what works and what doesn’t work!

The Better IT Mail Filtering solution

In the past 12 months alone, Better-IT have dealt with 168 queries regarding phishing emails. Our Anti-Virus solution has stopped 9 serious outbreaks when users clicked on attachments in emails and in addition our backup systems have saved 2 companies that had major ransomware incidents. We are unfortunately seeing a massive increase in attacks on our clients, especially via email and globally this threat is growing at a hitherto unseen rate.

With this in mind, Better IT have decided to protect clients who have email accounts through Microsoft Office 365 and Google GSuite by applying an advanced email filtering system which will help protect you against:

  • Viruses and Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Impersonation Attacks and CEO Fraud
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Spam