Dropbox - Secure File Sharing & Cloud Storage Services

Dropbox business is the secure file-sharing and storage solution designed to help businesses share, collaborate and sync safely.

The Dropbox solution is customisable, with monthly costs dependent on the functions and storage chosen but here are just some of the features your business can benefit from:

  • Flexible storage plans
  • Deleted file recovery
  • Team folder management
  • Password protection
  • Smart sync
  • Admin dashboard
  • Account transfer
  • Showcase facility
  • Remote wipe
  • 3rd Party App integration
  • Live support function

Is Dropbox for me?

As with any product offered by Better IT, full support and practical advice will be given when choosing the individual options on offer and consideration will be made as to whether they can truly provide any additional value to you or your company.

Our professional, customer-focussed consultancy service aims to make sure that you have the correct tools to get on with business without incurring the unnecessary cost of having functionality you’ll never need!

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