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Faster Wi-Fi

How to Get Faster Wi-Fi in your Office and for Remote Workers

Let’s list the bare essentials for life: Air, water, food and faster Wi-Fi.

If you have teenagers, you’ll know that the last one is only just beaten by air…But fast Wi-Fi isn’t just essential to keep our children happy. The reality is that many businesses couldn’t operate without fast Wi-Fi. So how can we get faster Wi-Fi?

Slow Wi-Fi can be down to a single fault, or it can be a combination of factors. When we’re investigating Wi-Fi speeds, we will look at the following:

  • What bandwidth do you have available from your provider?
  • How old is your Wi-Fi box? (This is called a router)
  • Is your router’s software (known as firmware) up to date?
  • What kind of coverage do you get from that router?
  • How does the physical layout of your office or home affect the signal?
  • Do you have extenders or access points to cover a larger area?
  • How is your Wi-Fi setup? Is it optimised so different channels aren’t fighting each other? Are you using up-to-date standards that all your devices can access?
  • Is there any interference from other technology?
  • How many devices are using it, and what for?
  • How old are the devices connected to Wi-Fi?

In our latest guide, you can learn more about this. Read it below or click here to download it to save for later or to share with a colleague.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Faster Wi-Fi Guide”]

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