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Is cyber security training worth it?

When you work with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Better IT to look after your cyber security and data protection, you may think that your employees don’t need cyber security training.

However, employees are your business’s greatest security risk.

Your employees are exposed to security threats when using their browsers, networks – and even their emails. In fact, 95% of cyber security breaches are due to human error within businesses (Source).

While your employees shouldn’t be expected to become experts in cyber security, some basic training can turn them from your biggest risk into your first line of defence against cyberattacks.

Benefits of cyber security training for your employees

Increase protection from cyberattacks

The first and foremost benefit of cybersecurity training for your employees is that it gives your business increased protection from common cyberattacks. Cyber security training teaches your employees what to look out for and how to ensure they don’t fall victim to phishing scams, malware, viruses, and cyber theft.

Improved compliance

Cyber security is not just about protecting your company, it’s also about protecting your customers and their data.

Compliance with regulations is important not only to ensure you operate legally, but it’s also integral to build trust and a good reputation with your customers. Many are unwilling to work with businesses that have suffered security breaches in the past – particularly if there is no evidence of improvement.

A common misconception around compliance and data protection is that the responsibility lies solely with the Data Protection Officer or IT Director. While these may be the key roles leading the business’ compliance policies, the responsibility lies with any employee who interacts with data.

Cyber security training will help your employees to understand the importance of compliance, what responsibilities they have, and how to ensure they uphold the necessary security and compliance standards in the business.

Time and cost-saving

Any actions your employees can take to ensure your business is secured against cybercrime reduces the time (and associated cost) of an IT professional retroactively fixing the issues caused by improper practice in the first place.

On top of this, cyberattacks and data breaches can have a significant cost to businesses (alongside a negative hit to their reputation and profits) – so reducing your risk of falling victim to this will save you the unexpected hefty costs associated.

Improve employee confidence

Cyber security training enables your employees to make smarter security decisions every day – even with the smallest actions like using multi-factor authentication to log in to web applications.

With cyber security top-of-mind, your employees will feel more confident using your IT infrastructure, avoid second-guessing and worrying about threats, ultimately enabling them to be more productive and profitable for your business long term.

More effective use of MSP

With your employees using more secure IT practices, your MSP will be able to use their time more efficiently to proactively support and protect your IT infrastructure rather than fixing issues stemming from within the business.

They’ll be able to focus on protecting your business from external cyber threats, exploring the latest technology to improve your business operations, and supporting you with any day-to-day IT queries you have.

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43% of cyber attacks target small businesses, so don’t assume you don’t have anything a criminal wants. (Source)

Enhance your cyber security from within by training your employees to use more secure practices, spot risks, and stop breaches before they happen.

Find out more about how cyber security training can support your business by booking a call with our team.

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