Servers by their very nature have to be powerful. Some have central processing units (CPOs) with a number of individual processors which allow them to handle very complex tasks easily and quickly.

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From a business point of view the installation of a server can be very beneficial as it gives control of a number of individual computers and provides both continuity and a level of compliance when it comes to current data handling requirements.

On the downside, servers can be expensive and require the setting aside of a dedicated space within the office in which to locate them (especially if the business dedicates separate servers to individual applications). What’s more, in most cases the servers are operated at a mere fraction of their potential capability so there is a whole lot of capacity being neglected.

Server Virtualisation

Server virtualisation is the process by which a physical server is partitioned into smaller ‘virtual’ servers to minimise hardware costs and maximise resources. Software divides the server itself into multiple separate virtual environments, allowing it to handle a number of applications at the same time. Each virtual server will have its own operating system and will run independently which means that it can be maintained or even rebooted without disruption to the others.

The benefits of server virtualisation are easy to see – lower initial hardware costs, efficient utilisation of valuable office space, lower on-going hardware maintenance costs and scalability, to name just a few – but as with every service offered at Better IT, we will carry out the initial groundwork to ensure that it is not only a suitable solution, but is handled in such a way as to meet both current and future business needs.

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