As with many pieces of office hardware, there is always the temptation to simply compare the cost of workstations on line and buy the ones which seem to be offered at the lowest cost.

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Your business needs to use time effectively, with minimal down-time. We provide a fast response, with no long-term contract commitment and if we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you. Simple, straight forward IT services.


Sadly, in our time within the IT business we have seen many companies who have done this (understandably in a bid to keep set-up costs to a minimum) regret the decision quickly afterwards when the workstations have proven to be unsuitable for day-to-day tasks or indeed have broken and need to be repaired or replaced.

At Better IT we work only with trusted equipment partners. We spend a significant amount of time keeping on top of developments in the market and gather first hand experience on what systems offer true value for money. This gives us the confidence to know that when we provide a workstation to our clients it will be entirely appropriate for the tasks at hand and will meet the stringent demands placed upon such equipment in the business environment.

Getting the right workstation for the job

When considering the actual cost of a desktop we look at more than the price-tag itself. For example, if every employee has to wait an extra minute or more to get an application running this equates to a significant number of non-productive days – and an associated cost – across the year. In addition, if a station requires repair it can be out of use for a number of days, leaving at least one employee with unproductive down-time as well as a considerable amount of frustration.

Every desktop provided by Better IT has a planned business life of at least 5 years. During that 5-year period we provide a manufacturer next business day warranty which guarantees that they will replace any faulty equipment within 24 hours without quibble, allowing your employees to get on with their scheduled workload.

Better-IT Experience

At Better-IT we take the time to get to know how your business works and what the most important parameters are within your operation. With the appropriate information gathered we can recommend the best solution to make your current needs and allow you to expand your activities in the longer term.