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IT Support for Architects

Information Technology is becoming increasingly vital for architects looking to showcase their concepts and designs in the best possible way. Getting the right IT support for architects is just as important. 

We know that computer design software, such as CAD (Computer Aided Design) is a fundamental tool used by most architects and this of course needs to be supported by an IT system that is highly effective, allows for seamless collaboration and makes sure users can maintain creative focus without interrupting their productivity.

Pushing back deadlines because of IT issues is the last thing you need. And there’s no use showcasing an excellent design concept for an important client, only for the IT system to fail and make the presentation impossible. This could end up putting problems in the way, which might bring into question the architect’s overall ability and ultimately mean losing the work. 

It’s for this reason why IT support for architects, that can be 100% relied upon, is vital.


What does IT support for architects involve?

IT support for architects can include the following services and more: 

  • Protection against cyber attacks which can irrevocably damage an IT system and business in general. 
  • The provision of improvements to communication systems between team members and customers.
  • Cloud IT solutions which provide advanced backup in the event of an IT failure as well as the opportunity to work remotely and in multiple locations.
  • Professional and secure data storage and management.
  • Fast and professional analysis of issues and effective solutions for complex IT problems.
  • Training staff to use the latest features in programs such as Microsoft Teams to make sure productivity isn’t falling behind competitors.


The benefits of IT support for architects

In addition to offering the right levels of cyber protection, problem solving and system efficiency that your business needs, when you have the right kind of IT support for architects, your IT experts can keep you up to date with the latest software advancements which can make your working life easier. 

For example, have you heard about Microsoft’s rebranding of Office 365? This year’s migration to Microsoft 365 has come with a range of new apps and services which help maximise the productivity and online safety of small to medium sized businesses. 

Microsoft 365 Business Voice, for example, is a modern cloud-based telephony solution that integrates into Office 365. It gives teams the chance to meet and have a virtual chat, in a completely safe and secure environment, no matter where in the world they are. This is done through the new Microsoft Teams app. And at Better IT, we can provide full training in the use of it.

Advanced features of M365 mean an even greater chance to protect against cyber attacks and safeguard sensitive information. Using these kinds of advancements in technology can help your business move forward, be productive and make sure any business information is secure. 


Get Your Free IT Assessment

Your bespoke IT support can be available remotely, face to face, over the telephone or via an online chat. And our speedy and effective IT support is available around the clock, meaning the very minimum of down time for your business. 

When you’re looking for IT support for architects, why not get in touch for an accurate assessment about your IT needs and a free quote? 

Our team is ready and waiting to discuss ways to make your architect firm’s IT system work for you.

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