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Hello, Martin & Co!

Did you know that, as a lettings agency, your Cyber Insurance is one of the most expensive in the industry?

Estate Agencies like yours are collecting and storing high-risk information, such as identity, employment status, credit score checks, and confirmation on the right to rent.

We consider cyber security the most critical aspect of IT. And the front-line defence starts with educating your staff about the risks and ensuring they’re trained on how to watch for issues.

We’ve created a poster to help educate your staff on the most common ways you might become a victim. Fill in the form here to get a copy.

MCo Email Poster

Better-IT Can Be Yours

We’re a premium supplier of IT services for estate agencies that want their technology to be world class, ultra-secure, and always available.

Book a free call with one of our senior technical advisors to learn how we can support your business growth.

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