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‘Always On’ Internet

Fast, reliable IT connectivity and data accessibility is a critical success factor to businesses in our modern world.

Our team of senior technical advisors and senior engineers will provide you with secure, high speed resilient internet access so you can run your business effectively and efficiently.

Slow connectivity and outages causes employee frustration, a loss of productivity, and potentially a loss in revenue.

Better-IT will ensure that you’re always online and able to access your cloud-based applications by providing robust business-grade connectivity solutions.

Services Include:

    • Data/Voice cabling
    • Installations
    • Multi-office configuration
    • Office moves
    • SD-WAN solutions

Secure High-Speed Wi-Fi

Better-IT will advise and manage the deployment of scalable, fast Wi-Fi solutions for SME and corporate sized businesses. As security is at the forefront of our business, we’ll ensure your Wi-Fi network is secure to protect your business, staff, and clients.

Scalable Network Management

Starting with a basic broadband connection, circuits can be upgraded to suit your business on a plug and play basis. As you grow, your network grows with you so that your expansion doesn’t hinder your team’s connectivity or productivity.


Infrastructure Cabling

Our engineers have been providing clients with premium cabling solutions since 2004. We will source, provide and install the very latest cabling products and guarantee our work with a performance guarantee.

Get Fully Managed IT Support For Your Business

Book a call with one of our senior technical advisors and we will help you understand:

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The reasons businesses owners and managers like you switch IT providers

How to protect your client data, business systems, important assets

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