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Hardware Management

Device Management That Works for You

With Better-IT’s device management service, your business will be empowered to work on any device, from anywhere, without compromising on corporate security.


The Tech You Need, Setup and Ready to Go

If you need new business computers, we can take care of it for you. We’ll work with you to identify what computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones your business may need, acquire them and set them up for you.

All you or your employees need to do is unbox, turn on, and log in using the credentials we provide.

The applications, shared drives and printers you need to operate your business will be installed, and ready for you to use.

Both Business and Personally Owned Devices

We know how important it is for your employees to easily access corporate applications and files, whether that’s on a company-owned or employee-supplied device.

We put the user experience at the top of our objectives (well, alongside security, of course).

Our device management will monitor, manage, and secure both company-owned and employee-supplied devices, whilst still providing end user privacy on personal devices.


Keeping Your Sensitive Data Secure

Some security risks can be easily avoided. Keeping all software up to date, including Windows, Microsoft Office and your antivirus software, is the first step to keeping your business’s computers secure from malware and direct hacking attempts.

Better-IT will monitor and manage these updates for you and identify any potential risks before they can happen.

And should a device be lost or fall into the wrong hands, we’ll keep your business data protected from unauthorized access.

Get Fully Managed IT Support For Your Business

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