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Effective Business Communications

Businesses all over the UK are updating and unifying their telecommunications into one platform.

It’s allowing them to respond to clients faster, boosting productivity and improving collaboration as staff can communicate with each other from different corners of the globe as if they were in the same office. AND it’s saving them money.

Our Cloud Telecoms System is a resilient, scalable and feature-rich platform which provides mobile access to calls, contacts and video conferencing as well as full CRM integration.


A Specialist Provider of Data Communication Systems

We have a host of telecommunication solutions packed with features and cost-saving benefits.

With our cloud-based voice over IP (VoIP) service, your business communications are centrally managed, even if your employees are working from home or using their own smartphones.

Enabling All Aspects of your Business Communications

Better-IT can provide telecoms services to support:

    • Employees using a handset at a desk
    • Softphones installed on mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets and mobiles
    • Call forwarding to a mobile device or home phone
    • Mobile communications and text messaging
    • Call Centre for sales or customer service and support
    • Other communication channels such as conference calling, fax machines, and video conferencing
    • Advanced functionality including voicemail to email transcription and call recording

Cloud-Based Phone Systems

The Better-IT telecom system has a number of benefits including:

    • Low-cost calls – reduce call costs and get free calls between extensions regardless of distance
    • Easy billing – monthly charges via just one provider
    • Feature-rich functionality – with web-based configuration and status indication
    • Flexibility of location – work from anywhere using a laptop or smart phone
    • No geographical limitations – home workers and remote sites all link to the one system
    • Scalability – the system grows with your business, so you can add extensions as and when you need to
    • Unified Communications – employees can view the status of other colleagues to avoid unnecessary call transfers which irritate customers
    • Easy integration – fully compatible with Office 365 and many CRM Applications

Future-Proofing Your Communications

Just about anything you can picture your business needing from a phone or collaboration system can be delivered. It’s all about selecting the right solution for your business, today and tomorrow.

When you partner with Better-IT for your telecoms, we’ll ensure your communication systems are effective, secure, and scalable for your business’s future growth.

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