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How To Get The Most Out of A Microsoft 365 Migration

You may have heard about Microsoft’s rebrand of some of its Office 365 plans with the launch of Microsoft 365 – but here’s why Microsoft 365 migration is the way forward for every small to medium business.

The launch of Microsoft 365 includes all the new apps and services that have been added to subscriptions over the last few years, as well as a host of new features.

These groundbreaking new features have been proven to improve productivity, team communication and streamline business processes while also increasing the security of your business data.

And, when you get the right support in bringing it to your business, Microsoft 365 migration is a lot easier than you might think. 


Microsoft 365 Migration Made Easy

The biggest concern for any business making changes to its IT system is the potential for business downtime and the effects that this might cause.

To save money, some businesses have opted to carry out Microsoft 365 migration themselves, but unfortunately this has ended badly, becoming complex and time-consuming – even leading to a major security concern.

At Better IT we provide a remote-only, very simple Microsoft 365 migration for end users that can be done very quickly (faster turnaround is available but a migration can be done within a working week). And you can rest assured that our experts know exactly what they are doing.

Using the latest migration technology developed by Skykick to migrate to Microsoft 365 means that no data is lost, files aren’t left unprotected and move seamlessly to the cloud.


The Advantages Of Microsoft 365 Migration 

Microsoft 365 offers the best Office apps, along with powerful cloud services, device management and advanced security.

One of the most highly rated of these for improved communications is Microsoft 365 Business Voice – a modern cloud-based phone system which integrates into Office 365 and offers much greater flexibility – there are some great desk phones to go with it, too.

These desk phones don’t just integrate into Microsoft 365 exceptionally well, they look good doing it.

In addition to a migration to Microsoft 365, Better IT can provide training in Microsoft Teams which comes as part of Microsoft 365 Business Voice.

Many people aren’t taking advantage of all the features Microsoft Teams has to offer, but with the right training, using the Microsoft Team app to maximum effectiveness can hugely increase productivity and gives your business that competitive edge.


Find Out More

There are a variety of different Microsoft 365 plans for small to medium businesses to choose from to ensure they get the right productivity solution. These are the following: 

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic (formerly Office 365 Business Essentials)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard (formerly Office 365 Business Premium) 
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium (formerly Microsoft 365 Business)
  • Microsoft 365 Apps for business (formerly Office 365 Business)

As well as offering help and advice to businesses looking to find out more about Microsoft 365 migration, we can now sell the advanced features of M365 premium which include advanced security features and device management.


Get A Free IT Assessment

If you’re thinking about upgrading your business’ productivity, through Microsoft 365 migration, give us a call to find out more about the solution which might be right for you. 

Our team would be pleased to help you discover how your business can become more productive and improve security, through a free IT assessment with clear advice on what to expect. Call today to get your free IT assessment and find out more.

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