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Teams Training

Microsoft Teams Training

At Better-IT, we understand the importance of effective collaboration and communication in the workplace. That’s why we offer Microsoft Teams training to help businesses make the most of this powerful collaboration tool. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at our Microsoft Teams training program and what it entails. 

Our Microsoft Teams training is designed to help businesses of all sizes and industries learn how to use this powerful collaboration platform to its fullest potential. Whether you’re new to Teams or looking to improve your skills, our training program can help you get up to speed quickly and easily. 

Microsoft Teams Training
Microsoft Teams

The training program is delivered by our expert trainers, who have extensive experience in using Microsoft Teams in real-world business environments. Our trainers are certified by Microsoft and are passionate about helping businesses improve their collaboration and communication practices. 

The training program is customised to meet the specific needs of each business, with a range of topics that cover everything from the basics of Teams to advanced features and best practices. Some of the key topics covered in our training program include: 

  • Introduction to Teams: This module covers the basics of Teams, including how to set up and manage your account, create channels, and invite team members. 
  • Collaboration tools: This module covers how to use Teams to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, with real-time co-authoring and version control features. 
  • Meetings and webinars: This module covers how to schedule and join meetings and webinars, with the ability to share screens, files, and presentations. 
Microsoft Teams Training
Microsoft Teams
  • Chat and messaging: This module covers how to use Teams to communicate with team members through chat and messaging, with the ability to send files and emojis. 
  • Security and compliance: This module covers how to use Teams securely, with features such as multi-factor authentication and compliance features to meet regulatory requirements. 

The training program can be delivered in-person or online, depending on the needs of the business. We also offer follow-up support and resources to help businesses continue to improve their collaboration and communication practices using Teams. 

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