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Secure Your Business with MFA – Multi Factor Authentication.

Are You Protecting Your Business With MFA?

If a criminal knew where you lived and could easily steal the keys from your pocket, it wouldn’t be a lot of work for them to steal things from your home.

But imagine if you kept your keys in a massive locked safe. And not just any safe…

  • A safe that can only be accessed with a security code
  • A code that changes all the time
  • You can only access the code from a secure phone app
  • Which needs your fingerprint or face to verify that it’s really you

You’ve now put your keys behind layers of extra security, making that criminal’s life a whole lot harder.

What you’ve used here is called Multi-Factor Authentication, also known as MFA. And it has become the standard way to protect your business’s data.

Cybercriminals use increasingly sophisticated techniques to bypass security. So the more barriers you put in their way, the harder you make it for them to break into your systems.

A cyber attack on a small business can be devastating. What would the consequences be for your business if your customers’ private information was stolen and held for ransom?

Our latest guide gives you an insight into all you need to know about Multi-Factor Authentication.

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