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Find Out Where You Could Save Time and Money By Having A Network Health Check

– I’ll Even Cover The Cost

What is a ‘Network Health Check’?

A poor IT set up could be costing you time and money. Slowing you down while a competitor takes away your valuable customers.

It’s estimated that slow computers cost UK businesses 130 hours or more per user per year.  At £12 an hour that’s £1,560 a year per employee.

And this doesn’t take into account the potential risks to security which put company data at risk, further increasing this cost.

The best way that we can help is with a free network health check.

Starting with a quick 15-minute phone call you can discover where your business could save money, while also improving security.

This systems check can all be done remotely and doesn’t put your data at risk. This check will:

  • Find out how secure your business is from cyber attacks
  • Diagnose any areas where there could be productivity improvement
  • Show you where potential risks of data loss are with your current set up
  • All be done quickly and entirely remotely
  • Find out what you can do to eliminate these risks to your business’s success

Hurry, as our IT Support experts are booking up with network health checks extremely fast!

Get My FREE Network Health Check

Discover how to stop wasting time and money on poor IT with a completely free and non-invasive health check.

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    Or you can book your FREE Network Health Check by calling 0333 202 6365