Frustrated by an IT system that consistently lets you down?

As we have all become more reliant on technology and accustomed to rapid response, we unfortunately become paralysed when the IT system goes down. No business can afford to have staff simply ‘twiddling their thumbs’ even for the shortest of times. That’s why Better IT proactive support systems are designed to fix most issues before they even arise and resolve the others with the minimum of disruption. No interruptions, no lost time, no frustration – just proactively managed IT which allows you to get on with business.

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Does your current IT provider struggle to meet your needs?

We’ve been providing IT for over 15 years now and that means we’ve faced just about every IT nightmare imaginable - and resolved it too! Better IT is built on very strong foundations (and a whole lot of real-world experience) and that puts us in a very strong position to support our clients when confronted with their own IT problems. We also love a challenge and won’t shy away from building a bespoke system to meet your specific needs, regardless of how niche they might be.

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Are your systems running as quickly as you'd like?

Nobody likes to be kept waiting, especially when there’s lots of work to be done. A slow server or outdated equipment can severely reduce the output of your business and limit the productivity of your staff (not to mention test their patience). We can look at the best options to bring your systems up to full speed and integrate them efficiently, allowing your team to work quickly, effectively and seamlessly.

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