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disaster planning

Protect Your Data From Disaster

An office fire is an event which no-one wants to think about – let alone experience – but unfortunately it can happen.

So, let’s imagine for a moment that there’s been a small fire in your office. You and everyone around you is safe, however the damage to the entire workplace is significant. It looks terrible, and it’s difficult to tell just how much has been lost.

Between the flames, the heat, the smoke and the vast quantity of water used to quash the fire, there’s not much left to salvage.

Here’s a question for you to consider. If you had anticipated that there was going to be a fire, what would you have chosen to save? What actions would you have taken before the devastation occurred?

Chances are, your computers (and all the valuable data you store on them) would be top of your list of things to protect.

Now ask yourself: Is your data currently fully backed up and as protected as it could be?

How sure are you that it is? Sure enough to take the risk?

Take a look at this month’s Better-IT guide now and find out what simple steps you can take to make sure your business could successfully recover from a disaster – natural, or otherwise. Read it below or click here to save a copy for later or to share with a colleague.


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