• Better IT has been providing our IT support since 2006 and throughout this entire period they have never let us down. Not only is Dave incredibly knowledgeable, he also cares about his customers and makes sure he resolves issues as quickly as possible, even if it means working late or over the weekend to do it.

    It may be a cliché to say that Better IT go ‘above and beyond’ but it really is true. Their support is invaluable to us and I personally like the way that they know how to talk to customers – giving enough detail to tell us what is happening, but not too much that we don’t understand. That kind of clear communication is not always a given in the Tech environment but it’s due to the fact that Dave and the team are friendly, likeable people who don’t simply hide behind screens and desks.

    If I were to sum up why I’d thoroughly recommend Better IT to others, it all comes down to trustworthiness – and I trust them implicitly.

    Sharon Lewin

    from Hive of Design