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Choosing a Small IT Company Can be the Smart Move for Your Business

Why Choosing a Small IT Company Can Be the Smart Move for Your Business

In the ever-evolving world of technology, the choice between a large IT company and a small IT company, the more specialised firm, can significantly impact your business. A recent experience with a new client, who transitioned from a large IT provider to our services at Better-IT Limited, highlighted some key advantages of working with a small IT company.

Our recent onboarding of a new client revealed a series of complex IT challenges left by their previous Managed Service Provider (MSP). Here’s an overview of the issues we encountered and the solutions we implemented:

  1. VPN Configuration Issue: The previous MSP had set up the VPN using their own admin account and later removed this account, which disrupted the VPN service. We rectified this by reconfiguring the VPN with a stable and secure setup.
  2. Outdated Operating System: We identified a PC still operating on Windows 10 version 1909. Updating to the latest version of Windows 10 was essential for security and performance.
  3. Improper User Permissions: Several computers were found configured with domain admin accounts for file sharing, granting excessive control over the server. We revised these settings to ensure appropriate access levels.
  4. Network Drive Connectivity: The network drives were configured not to reconnect, leading to accessibility issues. We altered the group policy settings to ensure reliable network drive connections.
  5. Patching Backlog: Many Windows computers were behind on essential patching. We updated these systems to our standard, enhancing their security and functionality.
  6. Legacy Software: Outdated software, including CISCO Umbrella and Screenconnect remote access, was present on most machines and the terminal server. We updated or replaced this software with current, secure versions.
  7. Residual Admin Accounts: Local admin accounts from the previous MSP were still active on computers. We removed these accounts to maintain a secure IT environment.
  8. Antivirus Outdated: Six machines were running an old version of Webroot AV from the previous MSP. Updating these to the latest antivirus software was critical for robust cyber defence.
  9. Local Admin Rights: Local admin rights were present on 22 machines. We initiated a process to remove these rights where unnecessary, enhancing system security.
  10. Unclear Test Accounts: We discovered several unexplained test accounts in Active Directory. After a thorough review with the client, we are in the process of cleaning up these accounts.
  11. IDRAC Network Setup: The IDRAC network was not configured for email reporting, which is crucial for monitoring hardware health. We set this up to ensure the client receives timely alerts on hardware issues.

Through meticulous analysis and targeted solutions, we addressed each of these issues, ensuring a secure, efficient, and reliable IT infrastructure for our client. At Better-IT Limited, our focus is on providing detailed and thorough IT services that support and enhance your business operations.

Let’s explore why this could be the smart choice for your business.

Personalised Attention and Care

Understanding Your Unique Needs: A Small IT company will thrive on personal relationships. We take the time to understand your business, its unique challenges, and specific needs. This tailored approach ensures that solutions are effective and aligned with your business goals. Our team will guide you through the process and be on hand to answer any of your questions.

Responsive and Agile Support: You’re not just another number with a small IT company. Our team can quickly respond to your needs, offering swift and efficient solutions. This agility is often lost in larger companies, where processes can be slower and more bureaucratic. We make sure the first person who answers the phone is equipped to deal with any problems that come their way so you’re not passed from one person to the next.

Enhanced Security with a Personal Touch

Focused Cybersecurity Strategies: At Better-IT Limited, we place a heavy focus on cybersecurity. Unlike larger companies where your security needs might get lost in the shuffle, we ensure that your systems are safe and regularly updated to combat the latest threats. We have teamed up with the National Cyber Resilience Centre to make sure you get the best out of your security. We offer an hour’s free training with them for you and your team.

Proactive Monitoring: Our dedicated team doesn’t wait for problems to arise. We proactively monitor your systems, identifying and resolving potential issues before they become major problems. This level of attention is often missing in larger firms.

Building a Partnership for Growth

Grow Together: As a small IT company, our success is directly tied to yours. We see ourselves as partners in your growth, offering scalable, secure, and resilient solutions that support your business plans. This symbiotic relationship is at the heart of our service.

Customised Solutions for Your Business: Large IT companies often offer one-size-fits-all solutions. On the other hand, we provide customised services specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of your business. We can tailor our packages to suit your business.

Commitment to Excellence

Highly Trained Technicians: Our team comprises only highly trained and experienced technicians committed to ongoing training and skill enhancement. This level of expertise, often found in niche companies like ours, ensures premium service at every touchpoint. Each technician goes through hours of continuous training, ensuring you are up to date with the latest technology.

Quality Over Quantity: We believe in providing a premium service at a premium price. This philosophy means we never compromise on quality, ensuring that you receive the best possible service and support. We want our clients to stay with us, and the only way to do that is to ensure we offer the best service possible.

Choosing a small IT company like Better-IT Limited means opting for a partner who is deeply invested in your success. Our focus on personalised service, cybersecurity, and customised solutions makes us an ideal choice for businesses looking for more than just an IT provider but a partner in growth.

In a world where technology is integral to business success, having a dedicated, skilled, and responsive IT partner can make all the difference. Choose smart, choose a small IT company, and choose Better-IT.

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