For those wishing to utilise an entirely customisable telecom system, a Cloud-based solution may be the most appropriate.

Be better connected with Better IT

Your business needs to use time effectively, with minimal down-time. We provide a fast response, with no long-term contract commitment and if we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you. Simple, straight forward IT services.


With a high number of configuration options and the ability to adequately cope with a high number of employees in various locations (and perhaps also with varying needs) this is a great way to provide exactly what your business demands with no need for compromise.

Best Cloud Phone System – UK Managed for Businesses of 25+ Staff

The Better-IT Cloud Telecom system has a number of benefits included:

  • Low cost calls – reduce call costs and get free calls between extensions regardless of distance
  • Easy billing – monthly charges via just one provider
  • Feature-rich functionality – with web-based configuration and status indication
  • Flexibility of location – work from anywhere using a laptop or smart phone
  • No geographical limitations – home workers and remote sites all link to the one system
  • Scalability – the system grows with your business, so you can add extensions as and when you need to
  • Unified Communications – employees can view the status of other colleagues to avoid unnecessary call transfers which irritate customers
  • Easy integration – fully compatible with Office 365 and many CRM Applications

With many additional options

In addition, there are a number of other features available to fully customise your system:

  • Auto Attendant gives you and your callers various routing options and on-hold messages to ensure that their experience it always one of efficiency and professionalism.
  • Call recording facilities ensure that you never miss important content within a conversation, even if you activate the function after the call start.
  • Voicemail via email means that you’ll never miss an important message even if you’re not in a position to answer the phone.
  • Web conferencing cuts travel costs and saves time by allowing face-to-face communication via web meetings.
  • Click to dial and call pop-up functions allow call control via Microsoft Outlook.

Whilst the costs for a Cloud-based solution may be slightly higher than for a Hosted one, it is still a very cost-effective option for those wishing to manage their communications effectively, efficiently and with functionality to reflect the professionalism of the company itself. With automatic back- ups and data protected via the main servers, Better IT Cloud Based Telecoms also tick the boxes when it comes to security and system resilience.