If you are a smaller business ready to move away from a traditional, wired phone system and the limitations (and often frustrations) that they can have, then the Better IT Hosted telecom solution is most probably for you.

Be better connected with Better IT

Your business needs to use time effectively, with minimal down-time. We provide a fast response, with no long-term contract commitment and if we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you. Simple, straight forward IT services.

Hosted VOIP Phone System for Small Business – UK Managed

Hosted telephony is a complete communications system that resides in the cloud and provides an extensive range of capabilities via an easily accessible web portal. Users access the system through a standard IP handset or a screen-based virtual phone with headset. Calls are made and received over a broadband connection to the network from where they are routed to fixed and mobile devices.

Better-IT Hosted Telecoms benefits

The Better-IT Hosted Telecoms system has a huge number of real benefits including:

  • Quality – HD call quality at all times with no interference
  • Reliability – no weather-sensitive copper wires to get damaged or become faulty
  • Security – run via a secure IP network
  • Accessibility – calls can be taken anywhere, and on any device
  • Scalability – users can be added at any time with no capital outlay
  • Flexibility – workers can be home-based or hot-desking with no loss of productivity
  • Portability – no fixed amount of lines, contract periods or numbers supplied

With additional options

  • Auto Attendant gives you and your callers various routing options and on-hold messages to ensure that their experience it always one of efficiency and professionalism.
  • Call recording facilities ensure that you never miss important content within a conversation, even if you activate the function after the call start.

Since the only costs associated with this system are the handset and the subscription, it is a great option for those businesses who want to upgrade the way they communicate with their customers and increase employee productivity without incurring high capital cost and with no long-term commitment. We typically recommend a Hosted system for organisations with anything up to around 25 regular users. When employee numbers exceed this level, the economics may move the decision towards the Better IT Cloud Based Telecoms system.