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malware threats to be afraid of

The 9 Malware Threats to Worry About

Businesses of all sizes – and from just about every sector – are being targeted by malware on a daily basis. It’s a growing crime and it’s estimated that there are now in excess of one billion pieces of malware in circulation, with around 560,000 new pieces being detected every day.

What exactly is malware?

Malware is malicious software, specifically designed to steal your data – or, indeed, to significantly damage your IT systems.

Some malware attacks are so impactful that the businesses involved fail to recover.

Why is it currently such a risk?

Cyber-criminals are smart and have the time and resources to create new and more creative ways to fool us and make us do exactly what they want us to. They also know that small and medium-sized businesses don’t necessarily prioritise cyber-security.

The pandemic has sadly given these criminals somewhat of an upper hand as it has brought unexpected change, uncertainty and new working practices for organisations and their employees.

How can businesses protect themselves?

Whilst you can never be 100% protected from malware, there are steps you can take to avoid attacks, and to minimise the damage if you do become a victim.

A data security review carried out by IT experts can check what levels of protection you have and put plans in place to protect your business’ most valuable assets.

It’s something to be taken very seriously

Without being too dramatic, you should be afraid – very afraid. Even IT professionals fear the consequences of malware attacks.

We’ve written a brand-new, easy-to-follow guide to tell businesses about the 9 most common types of malware and what can be done to keep your business data safe and secure. Read it below, or click here to download a copy for later or to share with a colleague.


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