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Understanding Cybersecurity Audits

Understanding Cybersecurity Audits: Protecting Your Business from Cyber Threats

The latest antivirus software is no longer sufficient to ensure your company’s network is secure. A cybersecurity audit offers a comprehensive overview of your security strategy, identifying vulnerabilities and providing solutions to safeguard your business.

The Rising Tide of Cybercrime

Cybercrime has escalated into a significant modern-day epidemic. In 2018 alone, 812.67 million malware infections were reported. By 2020, cybercrime incidents surged by 600%, with ransomware attacks projected to cost businesses $6 trillion annually by 2021. Without a robust cybersecurity framework, your company is at risk.

Why Conduct a Cybersecurity Audit?

Even with existing security measures, it’s crucial to verify their effectiveness. A cybersecurity audit helps you identify gaps and ensure your defences are up to the task. This thorough evaluation clearly shows your security posture and guides improvements.

The Three Phases of a Cybersecurity Audit

A cybersecurity audit typically involves three key phases:

  1. Assessment
  2. Assignment
  3. Audit

1. Assessment

This initial phase involves thoroughly examining your current systems, including computers, servers, software, databases, and access controls. You’ll also evaluate the hardware and software in place to defend against cyber threats. The goal is to pinpoint any vulnerabilities that need addressing.

2. Assignment

After identifying security gaps, the assignment phase focuses on implementing appropriate solutions. This may include deploying new security measures or tasking professionals with resolving the identified issues.

3. Audit

The final phase is a thorough audit of the newly implemented solutions. This ensures all installations, upgrades, and patches function correctly and that the system is ready to protect against cyber threats.

Three Essential Tips for an Effective Cybersecurity Audit

To conduct a successful cybersecurity audit, consider these three crucial tips:

Tip #1 – Regularly Update Security Systems

Cyber threats continuously evolve, making it essential to keep your security systems up to date. Regularly check the age of your security solutions and update them as needed. Unsupported or outdated software poses significant risks and should be replaced promptly.

Tip #2 – Identify Potential Threats

Understanding where your most significant threats originate is vital. Systems containing customer information are particularly vulnerable to weak passwords, phishing attacks, and malware. Internal threats can arise from malicious employees or improper access controls. Additionally, employee-owned devices connected to your network can introduce new vulnerabilities. Identifying these threats helps in developing effective countermeasures.

Tip #3 – Educate Your Employees

An effective cybersecurity plan requires knowledgeable employees. Educate your team on recognising and responding to cyber threats. Ensure they understand:

  • Different types of threats and how to identify them.
  • Where to find additional information on threats.
  • Who to contact if they spot a threat.
  • The timeline for addressing threats.
  • Company policies on using external devices and accessing secure data.

Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility across the organisation. Educated employees form a crucial line of defence against cyber attacks.

Take Action: Free Cybersecurity Audit

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, making it imperative to ensure your defences are up to date. We are currently offering a comprehensive cybersecurity audit, usually costing over £1600, for free!

As part of this service, you’ll receive a detailed report with suggestions presented in a clear traffic light system, indicating which areas need immediate attention (red), which require monitoring (yellow), and which are secure (green). We can then put a plan together for your business to help you develop a security strategy.

Contact us today to schedule your free cybersecurity audit and safeguard your company’s digital future.

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