There may be many different aspects to what a website may offer to those who visit. They will most probably be able to access company details, product specifications and maybe even technical guides and prices. The one thing which a potential or existing client won’t want to pick up from the website is a virus!

Whilst you may point substantial time and resources at protecting the security of your own data, it of equally high importance to ensure that the integrity of your site is such that it does not harbour any risk to the data of those who browse its content. Your site is continuously vulnerable to attack and it is therefore essential to have sufficient (and up to date) anti-virus protection on your server and to upgrade the site regularly to ensure that security protocols are always fully up-to-date. At Better IT we want to make sure that the only impression your website offers is a positive one.

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Better IT web hosting packages

The common factor across all 3 of our web hosting packages is site security. This is not something on which we compromise, and we believe that our clients should never compromise on it either. For that reason, even our basic package includes secure server hosting (with free SSL certification), daily back up and anti-virus/anti-malware scanning.

All 3 packages are shown below in a little more detail and of course we are always available to advise and assist with what the various options would mean to your business and the security of your site.

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Why Better-IT Web Hosting?

Better-IT have been managing their own custom Website Hosting servers for over 15 years. We have a wide range of experience providing fast and secure solutions for your hosting needed. Our standard package include:

  • Website Hosting
  • Website Backup
  • Server Anti-Virus
  • Domain Management
  • DNS Hosting
  • Website Updates
  • Website Protection

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